Philippians Chapter 2: 1-4.

Women reading a book,Women reading the Holy Bible.

Today we start Chapter Two. We’ll look at verses 1-4. Next time we will look at the poem/song that may be the only thing many people know about this letter.

The IVP Commentary puts these verses with the end of chapter 1. So the whole passage is chapter 1: 27 to 2: 18. To me, that makes a lot of sense. The Asbury Bible Commentary uses a similar arrangement.

Has anyone found something in another resource that’s interesting? What resources are you using? Do they agree with what is offered here or do you find a different perspective? Please share with us.

The IVP Commentary does, I think, a really nice job of analysis on verses 3 & 4. Their commentary on 2:1-4 is here. I found much of it rather interesting.

If you want to know just a bit more about the historical situation, I found ThoughtCo to be a nice summary website. Although the site’s short essay centers on the Letter to the Romans, it does help us to understand what was happening in the Roman Empire during the time when Paul wrote to the Philippians.

(Note: I had a bit of difficulty getting Chrome to load this site. It claimed ‘security issues’. I did some checking and it’s just being overprotective. FireFox, eventually, let me load it. I have read somewhere that all the major browsers are starting to require ‘secure’ URL addresses. Some older Christian sites may not have up-to-date security codes. That makes them more difficult to access. These sites are “http” and not “https” sites. That can be a problem for some browser settings. It does not mean these are harmful websites; it means that they would not be secure for transmitting information such as credit card numbers. )

Another site is Associates for Biblical Research. There’s quite a few interesting tidbits of historical hypothesis and some real facts here. There is a picture of the prison where St. Paul and Silas were freed by the earthquake. The discussion of Dr. Luke’s hometown seems worthwhile. Finally, the discussion of the “Book of Philippians” gets into stuff we will soon be examining.

If you have not employed several different translations in this study, I would recommend that you use a resource like Bible Gateway to do just that. Sometimes this will show that different translations read in different ways. Other passages seem to be almost word for word the same. These four verses are one of those passages that seem almost word for word the same; at least that’s what I found.


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