Philippians 2: 19-24

St. Timothy Icon from Wikipedia

St. Paul’s letter to the Philippians now shifts to planned visits. First, the letter is being taken to Philippi by Epaphroditus, who had visited Paul and, becoming ill, stayed with Paul until he recovered.

The IVP Commentary discusses these two sections, verses 19-24 and 25-30, in detail, stating that they are not trivial comments. “What’s Next Regarding Paul’s and Their Affairs” provides a nice introduction. It would also be worthwhile to read the three essays about vs. 19-24. . Bible Gateway links to these essays at the top of the page referenced above.

If you have some extra time, we can wander down a short ‘rabbit trail’ and learn a bit more about St. Timothy.

It is a short ‘rabbit trail’ in that I did not find a lot of detailed Internet articles about St. Timothy. Check out Wikipedia for a nice summary of St. Timothy for what may be the most complete history. A website called seems to have the same basic information. The Greek Church and the Roman Church have plenty of websites that include St. Timothy. You should take a look at these sites as they offer plenty of icons and medallions for sale. It makes me think of Evangelical sites that sell tons of books about the End Times.

I found The Acts of Timothy , also Wikipedia, to be an interesting little article. What I was unable to discern is if this document is within the arena of “Orthodox Christian” theology. I would go so far as to say that if the Greek and Roman churches reject it, then we should, too.

Unfortunately, I did not find an explanation of the Icon pictured above. Hopefully, one of you will be more diligent and find it.


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