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Welcome to Church of the Resurrection’s On-Line Bible Study

This website is going to be rebuilt. That is happening on a site. When it is completed, this will move to that site. It is hoped that the new site will launch on Easter Monday. Until then, this will remain available.

If you have any suggestions, ideas, etc. about the new site, feel free to leave them in a comment. Comments will be checked at least once a week.

In the meantime, enjoy your Lenten Studies and Meditations.

See you at Easter.

We are building what may be a new experience for some of us. So, grab your saw and hammer and join us in building our Bible Study. .

If you have an erattic schedule, or find it difficult to meet for Bible study when others can, perhaps this will work for you.

What this is not: a formatted study aimed at promoting an agenda or doctrine. There is a ‘moderator’ who is not ordained or degreed in theology, nor is he a trained educator. Don’t expect a professionally led study here.

What this is: an interactive opportunity to study the Bible. Our schedules are often complex and variable. It can be difficult to meet at a specific time once a week. So, we can meet here. We can read the Bible and post comments as our schedules allow. Most Bible Studies make you read and answer questions. This one is for you to read and ask questions. Or, maybe, just relate what the Scripture means to you.

The CEC was founded through Bible Study. Our founders prayed about what they studied and eventually implemented their understanding. Hopefully, we will follow the example of our spiritual elders: read the Scripture, pray about it, discuss it with others and then implement it in our lives. Church of the Resurrection is about HEALING. So, this is a way to get into the Holy Scripture to find spiritual healing as well as physical healing.

If we find something confusing, we can easily ask our clergy and/or our bishop about the subject.

As some of us may be beginners in using the Internet for Bible Study, this first Bible Study will, hopefully, help us get started. The moderator will try to insert “links” to resources in a way that will make the study easy. While the Internet can be frustrating and misdirecting, it can be very useful. Sometimes it produces ‘rabbit trails’ that can be very productive. It is my hope that we can use this site to put our research in one place so that all can benefit.

Rabbit Trail #1 In my study and research I discovered some historical information I thought interesting. It is a digression from the study. I post it here in case anyone else might find it interesting.

Please note:  You must be logged in to make a comment. The comments are screened. They will be published after the moderator(s) have read them. You may log in with Google, Facebook, Twitter or with a WordPress account. The WordPress account may be the best choice for those of us who do not use ‘social media’.

In one of the most useful Bible Studies I have attended, the leader read all the background info and then repeated it to the group. There was no Internet. He just used the commentaries and other reference books he found at the church. Unfortunately, we got only those parts of the resources that he chose to share with us. And we were limited by what the church owned.
This Bible Study is designed so that you can go to the sources and read for yourselves what others have to say. Then you can make your own comments or ask questions. You might call this a contributory Bible Study.

As a result of how this is structured, it might seem that, if you did not start when we began, you’re behind and my never catch up. Not so. WordPress will notify us when anyone makes a comment. So, if you have ‘arrived late’ that’s okay. We can see your comment and reply to it. So, in that way, this is an ongoing study. Work at your own pace. We will welcome your comments.

The MENU at the top of the page lists each of the Bible Study sessions. Please click on the Introduction in the MENU to go to the first session.

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